Saturday, June 24, 2006

Golden Stuff

Here are two more pictures I forgot to upload. One is the Golden Palace in Kyoto and the other one is a golden sausage in Tokyo.

one more Japan picture since it's so cute

This was Jonah's fathersday gift for Andy. Taube and I took him to a Photo studio in Himeji. It was so much fun! Mostly for us!

Friday, June 23, 2006

Three pretty ladies

Here are three very pretty (although very different) ladies.

Himeji Castle

This is me infront of the beautiful Himeji Castle.

This is Jonah on a couch in his new outfit.

This is the Himeji Castle again, because it's so pretty. And there is a dinner plate.

Jonah, Jonah, and some more Jonah (and a deer, at his first concert, shopping for Rody, etc.)

Temples, Palaces, and more temples

Scary cemetary

This is a 1,000 years old cemetary that has over 200,000 tomb stones. We walked through it at night and it was scary as hell. The next day we went back for more.

Gross, yummy, weird, and interesting

Here you can see a weird guy who took off his clothes when Andy interviewed him in Osaka. Also, there is the dome that is the only builing in Hiroshima that survived the a-bomb. And gross octopus, and yummy edamame.


I think this is a beautiful picture of beautiful Taube!

Jonah under the table.

At the beach.

miscellaneous Japan

Statues in Kamakura, Rock Garden in Kyoto, and Tokyo at night.

T & T (Toilet & Temple)

Here you can see a typical Japanese public bathroom. In the corner it has a very convenient "baby holder", so when mommy pees, the baby is in a good place and you don't have to hold him and open and close your zipper with your left hand after pulling up your pants with one hand...

This is a very nice temple in Kyoto, my favorite city in Japan.


Here Jonah and I are in the onzen. This was wonderful, because the onzen was located right at the beach, so when a big wave came, cold water was splashed over the rocks in the back and it was very refreshing, since the onzen water is hot hot hot.

I just figured out how to attach more than 1 photo

Here is Jonah flying in the air, in... let me think... Kamakura at the beach.

This is Honda-son, Yukiko, Jonah and I in Atami getting ready for the onzen (natural hotspring).

Here Jonah and I are kissing in a beautiful garden. Somewhere...

Here Jonah and I hung out with the great big Buddha in Kamakura. This was one of my favorite things in Japan.
This is a latern temple.

Jonah crawling through a hole

Here is Jonah crawling through a hole in... I think it was a temple in Nara, but am not 100% sure. Anyway, if you fit through the hole you'll have luck all your life, so we squeezed him through it. (Andy is on the other side pushing him). The things parents do for the happiness of their child...

friendly Fish

This is a friendly fish somewhere in Japan...


Here is me having dinner at some temple in some town in Japan. Can't remember any names. However, it was all vegetarian, so I was happy! :)


Hello and welcome to my new blog! This is a test and here is the first picture I am posting. Taube Gensler inspired me to do this, so you can thank her for this wonderful blog that will spread joy to people all over the world.

Here Jonah and I are protesting against the war in NYC.

Saturday, June 17, 2006


This is my goddaughter Anouk with her new sister Lenya.

This is my favorite Jonah picture!