Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Jessica & Gene

This is my friend Jessica and Gene Simmons. This is a crazy story: Jessica returned to her office building after getting her lunch one day and saw him in front of her office building. She asked if she could take a picture of him (with her). Gene agreed. Some dude was with him, so he was asked to take the picture of him with Jessica. They were getting ready to pose and Gene asked Jessica what’s in her lunch bag. Jessica said that it’s only a boring soup. Gene said “let me see” and Jessica opened the bag and let him peek in. He bent over the bag, and looked inside. Then they took their picture together (this one here). Jessica went upstairs and told her colleagues what just happened and who she just saw and while telling the story, she opened her lunch bag and finds a spit out chewing gum in her bag. Gene Simmons spit the gum in her bag! Jessica was debating to sell it on ebay, but then rather put it on her office wall as a souvenir!

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